Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Who's your daddy?

I never understood the depth of it, when people said their lives changed after they had babies. Until of course Pragya came along.

This is specially true with filling forms - with a new baby around, chances are that you're filling forms for her more than anyone else - stuff like: Birth Certificate, Social Security form, Passport et al.

I was filling the Social-Security form for her the other day. I sat down to fill all those "sections" on the form, begining with "Name (First & Last)" and quickly realized it is her name being asked for, not mine!

It's funny how your own context changes now - you are not "the One" anymore! It's the kid...hmmm, okay, let's move on

Now come the "Father's" and "'Mother's" names. The names that you were taught all along as "Papa's name" and "Mamma's name" will have to take a back-seat now - it's your name in the "Father's" and your wife's in the "Mother's" names (!!)

Thank God, the "Address" remains the same, so you don't have to think twice before filling that. Same goes for the phone-number and cellphone-number (until she wants her own flip-phone one day, of course)

And finally, remember that last section that said "If this form is not filled by the applicant..." that you always ignored? Not anymore. You got to duly sign that section declaring that you're that "Other guy" in the kid's life (at least as far as those forms go) :)

So, welcome pals, to the world of "3rd Person"


Strawberry Freak said...

i dunno why but i got veryy thrilled reading ur devnagri blog........"who's ur daddy" post was so cute....reading it made me a bit things change wen u suddenly become a parent....gosh....its really freaky.......i wish i cud always stay young...............

Yours Truly said...

Good that you liked my hindi.urdu blogs too. But don't be scared of parenthood. Did I mention its the most beautiful experience in the world? Each day, I can't wait to get back home and hold my little one in my arms...
keep checking this space, there's much more to come

shy said...

Sweetly said once again, buddy.. and i think this 'change' is what life's all about! Enjoy the transition!