Saturday, March 04, 2006

Rain, Rain go away!

We came back last night from a dinner, only to find our apartment in a mess. It was the water-heater, throwing out a heavy gush of water.

The carpet was all soaked wet - with the brown rusty stains on the edges. You know how it swishes when you walk in a lawn after it has rained all night?

It just doesn't go well with the sight of your living room!

Our laundry baskets were floating in the closets - inches high in cold water! I wish we left the laundry on the floor. With detergent spilled over it. At least the clothes would be generously rinsed!

They just send a guy to have a look at it. Draining the whole thing out, fixing the 'leak', drying the carpet. And they say the have to cut the carpet and replace the pads...

And this is what we have for our weekend-fun - a 3 speed "Namco" carpet blower. Can't imagine what our weekend would have been like without this little noisy monster!!

Thank heavens for water-heaters!

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