Thursday, January 26, 2006

Hiding behind the e-mails

Yes, that's what employers do. Now I know what a 'firewall' means - its a place for management to hide behind. When was the last time you tried to get a serious HR issue resolved? I mean everytime I try that, all I end up communicating to is my mail-box.

I only got a "Send" button to talk, and probably a few gestures, like "Important" and "Read Receipt" to use in the communication.

I never thought technology could advance this much - it has made a impermeable mesh of wires - network wires as they call them - that you have to shout through in order to talk to someone in departments like human-resources (wait a minute! isn't this the department that was supposed to be resolving my problems in the first place, sigh!)

I guess I have learnt the trick they play to make more money - reduce the input channels as you go higher in the org-chart. And that chart, phew! Have you ever seen one of those? Looking at that, I feel like a rat lost in maze - smelling cheese somewhere in the end of it! And don't ever try to look for your place in that chart! Trust me, all I find is a shaded box that says something generic- like 'Resource' or 'Team'. I mean is that all we are - generics?

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