Saturday, November 12, 2005

बहुरि करैगा कब?

Buzz, Buzz...

Today, I woke up to a reminder ring on my cell phone that read this line.

A line from a famous verse (doha) from Kabir. It means when will you do Bahuri - 'the work'. The 'work' here of course doesn't refer to daily chores that we do day-in and day-out.

I added this reminder for daily (5:30 am) to remind me of meditation. But alas! Ever since I added this, I've not been able to meditate.

But I think, is that a matter of worry? Not meditating? Worry, no! Then I'll be defeating the whole purpose of meditation - the middle path. I will be deviating from the equanimous condition of the mind. Not that I am always in an equanimous condition (I am mostly very far from that). But to add up to the deviation due to not being able to meditate, is no good either.

I read in some question/answer forum the other day, a gentleman was asking whether being able to 'successfully' meditate should be our goal. And the replier (one great meditator himself, I believe) replied that attaching success or failure to meditation is overloading it with impurities. Then you're again falling into the result-oriented 'karma'. Not that result-orientation is bad, its required in our daily-chores. But not for 'Bahuri'. He also suggested that by doing so, the meditation will be nothing more than an egotrip - another 'accomplishment' in our life. And we'll be judging our results by success/failure in that accomplishment.

I liked that argument. Of course it favors my morning sleep. Or does it? Well there's a subtle difference between worrying about not meditating and being aware of not meditating. The former as I said, leads you away from the middle path of meditation. The latter, however leads you to think, 'well, I just deviated from my meditation, let me do it now' - just a reminder call...

..But the key here, my friends is, when we will listen to this reminder call. Or shall we just click that 'snooze' button on the cellphone, and pull that blanket a little higher?


Archana Bahuguna said...

Nicely put, the Vipassana meditation thing (assuming thats what u are referring here). And of course, yes, getting up in the morning (AND doing meditation) is a to-do on my lists too!

Sanjay M said...

Came here from Archana's blog...

Have heard a lot about Kabir's dohas and reading this post inspires me to read it sometime.

About daily practice, I see the point about difference between worrying and just being aware of not practicing. I go through similar lows in my practice, but what I realised is that I'm using that idea as an excuse to compromise and end up becoming complacent!

However, its possible... :-) Join the orkut group to get a lot more ideas on continuity of practice. If you like, I can send you an invite, just send me an email!

In any case... good luck, as Guruji says "continuity of practice is the secret of success".