Saturday, February 04, 2006

Strange Feeling #1

Some feelings are so strange they don't have a name. And they can't be described easily - they can be just felt. If you're thinking I am being poetic, step back, and think again. I am talking about real 'strange' feelings. Have a look:

Ever had mouthful of fennel seeds after a heavy Indian lunch, or dinner for that matter? And when the last seed of fennel hides behind some far fetched molar as if saying 'catch me!'. I've often struggled long hours, trying to floss that little peice with my only tongue. How do you think it feels when that little peice comes out? (phew!) and then I spend a few minutes chewing on that peice. What a sweet feeling!

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this is me said...

its a very indian feeling. its the jam in the tart or the icing on the cake. the finishing touch. it reminds me of home.