Saturday, June 24, 2006

God of Free* things

*After mail-in rebate. Conditions apply

One thing that's hard to miss in shopping in the U.S is the mighty 'mail in rebate'

People would buy stuff they don't even know how to use, just beacuse it's free. A bachelor would buy Maybelline lipsticks, much before meeting a girl. Well, who knows "May be she's not born with it?" you see..

Or young couples buying kids' toothbrush hoping they'll have a 'use for it' soon. It's things like this that make you want babies more. And one day the husband says "Honey, we've already stocked a year's supply of diapers and Disney-BandAids. I think its time we should plan for our first born"

You can't get away talking about 'deals' and not mentioning the 'day before thanksgiving' - or as they call it the 'Black Friday'. It's a holy day for our deal-hunters.

People live for this day. Strategies are made. Teams divided - one squeezes in the 'Circuit City' line to secure all the free web-cams and the memory-sticks, as the other hogs the 'Office Max' eyeing for free DVD-writers and blank media. People stand in lines as early as 12 midnight freezing their pants off just to get a pack of 100 free blank-DVDs.

Days (or as it says, 6-8 weeks, at least!) pass by and then comes the 'pay day'! You start getting all those $21.95 and $49.99 checks in your mail. Voila! Moments like this make you realize what the real purpose of the human life is. You've never been happier since the day you got your first job.

So now that you've got your money back (well not all of it - you still paid the taxes, remember?) your toothpaste is finally FREE! You go home and brush your teeth twice, afterall its celebration time, right?

As they say "the best things in life come free" (after mail in rebate, of course)


Shipra said...

Nice one Rohit. The tooth brush thing reminds me of someone...:)

Anuradha said...

I agree, and youhave put it up pretty hilariously...
But am yet to understand the 'mail in rebate' funda, how does this work.

Sumana said...

Wow wonderfully written

Anonymous said...

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