Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Long live the "Prescription Hunters"

It drives me crazy how some people remember the names of their medicines

I mean except for a couple like Aspirin and Tylenol (yes, just a couple), I don't know what use it is for us to remember names like Cyclobenzaprine and Hydrochlorothiazide (which by the way, is the 3,4-dihydro derivative of chlorothiazide!)

Now, I know consumer-awareness helps, but there's a difference between telling nylon apart from cottons and knowing the chemical formula of the synthetics used in your underwear.

I've had some of these *experts* ask what my doctor gave me for pain relief...I don't know! Its a bottle of white pills, and it says I need to take one after each meal; twice-a-day. Isn't that enough to get better?

It's not that knowing the name of the medicine gives you an upper hand when you're seeing the doctor - may be he can't fool you this time, huh? Remember last time when he tricked you by writing a pain-killer instead of cough-syrup?

Or may be I would just feel smarter if I knew that the analgesic pill I am gulping twice a day is actually acetylsalicylic acid. Come on, people, that's the stuff those doctors pay to learn in medical school

It's Chemistry, for Godssake.

Remember Chemistry? Remember those spiritless boring lectures that you'd rather sleep than to listen to those middle-aged pot-bellied teachers? Remember those border-line "pass" results, that used to come more as a relief of never having to open those Chemistry books, than an achievment?

It's not meant for us high-life technocrats. Oops! Did I just hurt some feelings here? Well, to all my Chemistry-student friends, I am just trying to highlight your achievements here. We all know and appreciate the effort you put toward the society, so that people like me can forget my medicine's name, hoping the guy at the drug-store knew what he's doing

So, next time someone asks you what medicine you're taking, you should ask him "what med-school did you go to?"

(wait a minute! I almost forgot the white pill today..)

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