Monday, March 12, 2007

The coats are off

...No really, they are! Spring is peeking through the blue-greyish skies and it's going to be here any day now

First of all my apologies to all my readers...yes, all 5 of you (one of them is my wife) for not writing all these days. I was dormant for the winters - in a state of minimal metabolic activity

I was sleeping in 'til 11 in the morning and going to work without brushing my hair. And yes, I am talking about weekdays. Weekends were even worse - I wouldn't even get up all day, or even if I did, that would be for short intervals of heavy Indian meals which would put me back to sleep

Sometimes I wonder, what if sleep was the 'normal' way of life. Who knows, may be we are supposed to keep our eyes shut for the most part and dream all day. And opening the eye is actually the resting cycle - just to glance at the world if it were a dream...But that only I wonder..haven't proved yet

So, let this post be the ice-breaker of my lull, and like I was saying throw the dang-on coats off, and show the bright (In the case of guys, read 'white') clothes off and bring the shapely bodies out (again for guys, read 'lipid tires around waist line')

Speaking of clothes, I was in the common laundry in our aparment building, trying to find an empty dryer for the clothes. But all the dryers were full - churning heavily and smoking the clothes within..So I did what you do when you see all the dryers full

I went home to come back in about 15 minutes. When I came back, there were 2 empty! And they seemed like having stopped for 5 minutes now. But no one to claim the clothes..So I did what you do when you see dried laundry and no one to claim

I went home to come back in about 15 minutes. When I came back, there was still no one to claim the laundry! So I did what you'd know..the throw-out. I opened the dryers one by one, and emptied them flat on a side-table

Now, here's a moment when you're most vulnerable in whole life - well, apart from the one when you are a kid peeing on the side of a highway and you fear someone will jump out of the bushes

So, in this throw-out moment, you really want to be as quick as possible, as you don't want to be seen doing this. You don't mind explaining to someone later, that you took their laundry out because they didn't show up. But you don't want to be caught doing that! So, you're quick. But you also don't want to haste it so much that the landry falls on the floor while you're throwing it out

And even if something falls down, you scan the floor quickly to see what actually fell off - coz you don't want someone entring the scene when you're picking their red polka-dot underwear from the floor!

But in my case nothing happened that would make anyone doubt my integrity and I managed to load my clothes in and start the dryers

And since I would not need my woolens for at least 9 months now, I smoked them dry and packed them tight in my suitcases - also hoping that that will give my hands some free air between my fingers and my head some new thoughts to keep this blog running

And give my readers, yes all 4 of you (my wife just read what I was typing and balied out of the group) more reasons to love yours truly...


My Alter Ego said...

Hi Rohit,

Reached your blog via Archana's blogs and thoroughly enjoyed them.

Now I have another blog I know I will be a regular visitor to. :)

Keep posting.

Good Luck,

shauryas said...

Cmon, start your posts again. A new winter is here and you definitely need your woollens now!

I took inspiration from yours and started my own