Friday, October 06, 2006

I am being tagged

The rules of this tag:

  1. Name the person who tagged you
  2. Mention 9 things about yourself
  3. And, tag 6 people (If you so this in next 24 hours good luck with find you..just kidding)

I was tagged by: Archana Bahuguna

9 things about me:

  1. I think am getting addicted to movies these days: My wife is off to India in a couple of days and she thinks I'll burn my eyes up on my TV screen. God, save me. I have a special taste for redneck movies (like Fargo, Simple Plan, O' Brother..) "cuz I luve them pictures, you see?"

  2. I love google: Google is God. You believe me one day - when google would have bought all of us, and we would be eating google-fooooood®

  3. I am a lazy bum: i don't even snooze my alarm in the morning - it shuts up in 30 seconds anyway (I know I picked this up from somewhere, but you get the idea). I am so lazy I'd leave the food crumbs fallen in my car and rather vegetation and pathogens grow on them than clean it. I once left banana peels in the car so long that the seats would smell of banana. Now people would ask me where I got that air-freshner from.

  4. I am trying to grow out my hair these days: I have passed the "bad hair" days, the "you need a haircut dude" and the "are those curls on the back of your ears" days. And I figure its my final shot before the graph goes downwards and so do the hair. We'll see how that goes..

  5. I love poetry: Those who can read hindi (or urdu in devnagri script) please see my hindi/urdu poerty blog. None of the verses are mine, and nor do I believe I'll write urdu/hindi poetry of my own. But I just love it!

  6. I hate being judged unneccesarily: And I am working on not judging people unless I have to. For beginners when I meet a new Indian, I don't ask where he's from in India - I've noticed you tend to make compartments in your mind when you know all those things..I've had people ask me where I was from and after knowing I am a Punjabi from Delhi they go "oh, Punjabi.. (a pause with a second look at my face)..where's your turban?" or "Punjabis are vhery good dancers!" (next thing I expect is a popular demand for a couple of Bhangra steps!)

  7. I don't play to win either: I wonder if that's why I don't win! :) No kidding, I just lost to someone 15-10, 16-15 in a tight racquetball match today and that was the knockout round - I am out of the tournament. But I like to play the game with full spirit. Try to be out of any pressure of "I have to win"

  8. I hate impurities in language: Be it any language that I know. I think its an injustice to the language that many of us don't speak it properly. Yes, language was invented by us and it wasn't godgiven, but we have a lot more attached to it, than mere practical purposes.

  9. I want to melt :)

I don't know 6 bloggers personally, so tagging 4 poor fellows:

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  2. Mishra Ji
  3. Pankaj Bengani
  4. Neptune

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Archana Bahuguna said...

Nice to see you tagged! I love Google too ... It IS God! :-) And the "I want to melt" , have you written that? Its beautiful ...